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Anandi Bandyopadhyay, Program Director

The movement against street harassment implicates not only the victim(s) and the perp(s) but the society as a whole. What passes off under the guise of street harassment is actually a nicely packaged crash course in understanding the society’s role in the proliferation and abetment of the ‘rape culture’, gender politics, gender related prejudices and abuse. It’s a pity that tolerance and pretended indifference becomes and accepted and lauded defence. Silence becomes a part of our socialization and indirectly translates into complicity to such behaviour.  In iHollaback I found a kindred spirit. Emily May said, “Leadership is tricky, because you have to be willing to do it alone. But if you’re doing it alone for long, you’re doing it all wrong. Building a movement requires creating real opportunities for people to lead.” It is my hope that everyone will respond to this call for leadership that may help transform the multi-gendered space that is the society that we inhabit. Engagement with street harassment is constant and it is my belief that to rival it we must make constant noise against it instead of an intermittent shout.


Devika Parashar, Media and Strategy Director
Devika Parashar, Media and Strategy Director

I believe that iHollaback gives us an approachable platform to help us spread awareness about harassment in the most chic way possible because it doesn’t expect us to compromise our sexuality. To be a part of this absolutely brilliant movement makes me feel heartened-I know we’re going to touch people’s lives and that we’re going to be making a positive difference in every situation we confront because we know that we’ve got each other’s back! Personally, Hollaback allows me channel my interest and perusal of gender issues and that means a lot. The work we do through Hollaback is going to do wonders and each one of us on this team is just as certain about that. So gear up! Hollaback! Delhi is here to change the streets of this city: one street at a time!


Political Action Director
Lakshana Palat, Political Action Director

iHollaback is empowering. It told me that there was space for faith and that there were similar voices that were just waiting to fall upon receptive ears! I joined Hollaback to understand the issues which occur on a daily basis, which are usually not given the adequate importance they deserve, For me, Hollaback is an astounding  movement which delves deeper into the atrocities of street harassment. Working with iHollaback has helped me understand that while culturally and linguistically we may all be different, it is possible to identify a universal framework for a solution and then to be brave and modify to make the maximum change! iHollaback is a movement that aims to not only face up to street harassment but also attempts to foster change that would pre-empt such events from occurring at all. I for one, am glad iHollaback and I met in a celestial crash and I hope that many more of you join this change!

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