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New submission from Devika

Today, I was followed by an Innova that had an orange flag on it – the one with a lotus embossed on all that orange. Yup, that’s right – the one that’s recently all over the place. My regular walk from the metro station to work – in broad daylight. They stopped the car right … Continued

New submission from Megha Vishwanath

‘Why would this girl lie? After all she is taking the blame on herself’, said the police officer to the criminal infront of me. SPEAK UP DELHI It was a Saturday afternoon I had lunch with a friend in Gurgaon before I decided to head home. The metro for those who do not take it … Continued

New submission from Gopika

Felt vulnerable being a woman for the first time today in Gurgaon! As I took an auto for work this morning, the auto driver increased the music and wouldn’t turn it down. Soon enough an SUV slowed down next to the auto with three guys in the car looking me up to down and communicating … Continued

New submission from Pratima Singh

Returning from RubyConf 2013 my colleague (another female attendee) and I board the plane and are finally seated still discussing the talks. Cribbing about the boring ones, appreciating the awesome ones and of course about my running the Rubyconf 5k. As fate would have it, it so happens that we get seats around a group … Continued

New submission from Neha

My story is over at my blog in a blog post called Walk. It’s about harassment faced in Delhi, fear in public spaces and my response to it. ( Do let me know if would like to repost it. [got_back]

New submission from Harshita Jain

Why am I not astonished! Apparently the Delhi Police says they do not use action as long as the protests are peaceful. I was there at India Gate today and this is what I saw. KEY FACTOR: There were NO Media or Cameras. A group of about 50 people were peacefully protesting and singing slogans. … Continued

New submission from Anandi Bandyopadhyay

The outrage following the rape of a 23 yr old medical student in South Delhi has literally singed my television set. I’d like to take comfort in this outrage, but it’s cold comfort. Most of the measures that are being adopted, be it sensitization of the police, deploying PCRs, installing CCTV cameras, impounding vehicles with … Continued

New submission from Sayan Mukherjee

Dear All We are all screaming for the blood of the perperators who have been accused in the recent gangrape case. Statuses abound advocating castration (yes, even my own) and harsh punishments for the animals who engaged in it. However, I personally believe that these will not serve. On their own, such measures have little … Continued

React to Rape

We, as a society, don’t know how to react to rape. By using the pronoun ‘we’ I am holding our society to be at fault collectively, not a single man, woman or child spared. Through the last two days we’ve heard of outpourings of anger, of outrage, of demands for severe punishments, so much so … Continued

New submission from rani

Hi, My house maid is facing a problem. She is working in a house where there are four bachelor guys are staying. The problem is that one of the guys, purposely is very skimpily dressed when she is around (mostly in his underwear). He also hase exposed himself to her as though it was accidental. … Continued