React to Rape

We, as a society, don’t know how to react to rape. By using the pronoun ‘we’ I am holding our society to be at fault collectively, not a single man, woman or child spared. Through the last two days we’ve heard of outpourings of anger, of outrage, of demands for severe punishments, so much so that we’ve begun to bray for blood. Considering that usually rape is treated rather casually, we feel that change is right around the neighbourhood corner simply because there seems to be a lot of noise about change. However, this is like using band-aid where you need a tourniquet.

Look inward into home, India. Unless we’re able to reorient our thoughts in a manner that ingrains respect for women, not only will we continue living in a rape society, we’ll also breed rapists, molesters, eve-teasers in our own homes. Rape has now stopped being about sick people performing sick deeds, it’s a social malaise where men rape because they can. They can rape because they can get away with it. And they can get away with it because society will justify their rape by blaming the victim or the circumstance.

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Hollaback is all about making noise about what’s wrong. Making these ideas resonate is effective only in a manner of spreading awareness, but that awareness must lead to change. Laying siege on the Rashtrapati Bhawan is symbolic, it is touching, it is rousing. Demanding the death penalty may please some anguished corner of your heart which may balk at the idea of capital punishment, but may agree simply because you want to see punishment of the highest order, but most importantly, make some noise at home. Change the way we think, act responsibly.

We’ve got your back.

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