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January 8, 2015

New submission from Devika

Today, I was followed by an Innova that had an orange flag on it - the one with a lotus embossed on all that orange. Yup, that's right - the one that's recently all over the place. My regular walk from the metro station to work - in broad daylight. They stopped the car right next to me while I was walking past one of the many hotel entrances in…
September 2, 2014

New submission from Megha Vishwanath

‘Why would this girl lie? After all she is taking the blame on herself’, said the police officer to the criminal infront of me. SPEAK UP DELHI It was a Saturday afternoon I had lunch with a friend in Gurgaon before I decided to head home. The metro for those who do not take it or belong to Delhi can get crowded and air tight to an extend that the…
June 25, 2014

New submission from Gopika

Felt vulnerable being a woman for the first time today in Gurgaon! As I took an auto for work this morning, the auto driver increased the music and wouldn't turn it down. Soon enough an SUV slowed down next to the auto with three guys in the car looking me up to down and communicating with the auto guy through sign language. When I finally warned the auto guy of…


React to Rape

We, as a society, don’t know how to react to rape. By using the pronoun ‘we’ I am holding our society to be at fault collectively, not a single man, woman or child spared. Through the last two days we’ve heard of outpourings of anger, of outrage, of demands for severe punishments, so much so … Continued

Slut Walk Delhi!

The Slut Walk was first held this year in Toronto. It was born as an outraged reaction to the comment made by a police officer that, “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” The mass response and support that has been exhibit for the Slut Walk worldwide has been stupendous … Continued