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My girlfriend is being called again and again from unknown numbers. She tried to block all numbers but the guy keeps calling from other new numbers. What should we do? The guy knows where she stays. So, I am quite worried about her as I stay far from her I cant do anything. Suggest something.


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  1. Ankit says:

    Change your girl friend’s number and keep that number in a closed loop..

  2. Kathrin says:

    This is stalking. In many countries this is officially a crime, I don’t know about India though.

    Next time he calls, threaten him to send him the police, say that you will file a charge now.

    Another idea, if you girlfriend does not feel the courage to do so: switch mobile phones for a while, informing you friends/collegues that your phone cannot be found and that you have a temporary phone for the next time.
    Either you could pretend to now have this phone number, so he thinks she has changed her number. (Don’t know if this will work.)
    Or you could have a serious word with the guy, and in my view you should tell him that he is a stalker and that he can be charged and that he will charged if he does not stop.
    Hope, that helps.

  3. Kathrin says:

    And if it does not stop at once, I also would change my phone number if I was her, yes. I agree with Ankit

  4. Bhushan Chanda says:

    Thanks. But she stays in Ghaziabad and I am in Gurgaon. So its really worrying us. Kha kha se aa jate hai kamine. XC

  5. Amy says:

    Hello Bushan,

    Tell your friend to only answer calls from people she knows. If her phone is so equipped, tell her to give her family and friends one special ringtone, then when it rings with another tone, she’ll know to ignore it. I do that with unwanted telemarketing calls to my mobile. The guy calling your friend sounds like a big-time stalker/hacker weirdo. And that is not the way to a lady’s heart, fella.

    Amy (USA)

  6. Ellen says:

    Google “how to handle a stalker” for some ideas. Most experts will say ignoring most stalkers who call is the best first step, because answering them only teaches them how to get a response. But a very persistent stalker doesn’t care and will escalate. Please be aware that she may know her stalker. It might be a co worker or a classmate. A woman I know was being stalked by her boss, whom she would talk to every day about the scary phone calls.

    When I watched a show about stalkers, I saw story after story if kind, gentle women whose stalkers got worse and worse until some times it escalated into violence. Many times the women just didn’t believe they were really in danger and downplayed their own fear. Other times, they sought help and received none.

    One woman decided she was tired of bring afraid. She got a large dog, a gun, took shooting and self defense classes. She knew her stalker would see what she was doing because she knew he followed her. The stalking stopped.

    Last year, I was getting a lot of weird calls from one number. Here in the US, you can google a number and find out where in town it comes from. If you pay a fee, you can find out the names associated with that number. I didn’t have to do that: I just called the number and in a very businesslike tone identified myself and asked why I was getting so many calls from it. The man who answered hung up and he never called again. I think giving my name and not acting afraid had the desired effect.

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